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Financial advisors wear many hats and more Americans are seeking help with how and when to apply for Social Security benefits. The article below offers advice for adding this service to your already full menu of offered services.

For years all kinds of ideas have been floated about annualizing a portion of Americans’ 401(k) accounts. We formerly devoted a tab on our website to this topic but it generated little traffic so we deleted it.

However, we are reprinting below an interesting article about a start-up called Blueprint Income with a new twist on this idea.

You can obtain the following information and services from this section:

  • Request a proposal for designing or redesigning a retirement plan.
  • Link directly to the websites of some of the mutual fund and insurance company 401(k) investment platforms used by our clients.

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Labor Dept Fiduciary regulation may be dead but enter the SEC.

A court of appeals has overturned the Labor Dept’s fiduciary regulation and at this point, it appears the regulation may be dead.

However, the SEC wants to fill the void with its own set of rules. See our article below with a summary of what the SEC wants to do.

Plan Sponsor 2018 Survey of Micro Plans

Plan Sponsor magazine is a publication servicing the retirement plan industry. We are reprinting below their 2018 survey of defined contribution plans with under $5 million in assets – the micro plan market.

Many financial advisors are leaving the retirement plan market in response to the Labor Dept’s fiduciary rule. For those advisors with the experience and expertise, and the commitment, to service this industry, there are great opportunities.

If you would like to see how our firms can assist with developing and servicing this industry, please give Lee T. Jennings in our office a call (630) 802-7644..

Fiduciary Checklist

We are posting a sample fiduciary checklist prepared by T. Rowe Price.

Like all of these kinds of documents, it is just a starting point and should not just be printed and “thrown in the file.” Like investment policy statements downloaded from the internet, the worst thing somebody can do is adopt something and then not follow it.

If you would like to discuss this further, call Lee T. Jennings at (630) 802-7644.

Illinois Secure Choice Savings Program

We have written regularly in our newsletter, the dana report, about this state-mandated retirement program that Illinois employers will need to offer to their employees if the employer does not already offer a retirement plan.

Originally expected to become effective in 2017, the state has delayed the program now to 2018. See our firm memo below about this new Illinois mandate.

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